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PROCLAD Heat Treatment

Anneal (Ferrous Alloys)

The annealing process can be offered utilising either our Batch furnaces (1400mm high, 2400mm wide, and 5000mm long) or our Top Hat furnaces (up to 1500mm high, 3000mm wide, and 6500mm long).

Products requiring treatment can be placed in the furnace at a pre-set temperature with a ramp rate as required by our client's specification or an unrestricted temperature. After the furnace has equalised the load shall be soaked for minimum 30 minutes at 880 - 960°C (actual time/ temperature to be specified in the heat treatment procedure). The load shall be then furnace cooled either at a pre-set rate or free cooled to give the lowest hardness and highest ductility achievable for the material.

Typical materials processed utilising this mode of heat treatment are castings or forgings in F22, AISI 8630, P91, 832M13, EN 34, EN36, H1 - H20 and other tool steels prior to a machining operation.