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PROCLAD Heat Treatment

Quench & Temper

Products requiring treatment are placed on flat grids to ensure minimum distortion and maximum circulation around the components, then loaded into the furnace which can be at the desired soaking temperature or if specifically required at a pre-set temperature which can be gently raised to the final soak temperature at a controlled rate. After the furnace has equalised the load will be soaked in the range of 860°C - 960°C (actual time/ temperature to be specified).

The load is withdrawn from the furnace and quenched in agitated water utilising a reciprocating bed and 28 equidistant jets around the 70,000 litre tank periphery at the working load height. The time to transfer the load to the quench tank is controlled and recorded to ensure it is less than 45 seconds. The temperature of the quench water is controlled utilising a cooling tower which combined with a thermocouple maintains the temperature at 15 - 30°C this also gives a direct reading on the furnace chart to record the actual quench temperature range. The 70,000 litre quench tank has been specifically designed by Proclad engineers to allow for a calculated rise in temperature of 2°C per tonne of capacity, with a lifting capability of 10 tonnes.